Earn your turns – Splitboard accessed tours. These are perfect sessions for those looking to get away from the resort traffic and find their own lines. Each session can be tailored to the groups experience helping those who are new to splitboarding whilst also catering to those who have been on a split before.
nomadice Powder Explore Sessions are ones for the Powder Hounds – These are guided sessions exploring inbounds and gate accessed backcountry. Coaching tips are there for those that need some assistance however these sessions are designed for those that wish to keep moving and chase the best conditions.
nomadice offers Powder Coaching Sessions to all levels.  Whether you are you trying to keep up with your friends or just not sure how to get amongst the deep snow in Japan, then these sessions are for you.  We can get you up and riding POW-NOW so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest here in Niseko.
nomadice  runs Intro to Splitboarding Camps.  Over 3 days we  introduce you to all things splitboarding.  Exploring various Hokkaido backcountry routes helping you to gain confidence on your splitboard and touring both uphill and down hill.  


These Nightlines Sessions are designed for those who still have the legs or are on limited time. Depending on your goals we can show the hidden gems of the night riding. Tree runs, powder stashes, faceshots and natural jumps.
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