Personal Coaching Sessions

These sessions are designed to elevate your riding to the next stage. Whether you a first time snowboarder with aspirations to ride the Niseko powder or a seasoned vet seeking to ride longer without the leg burn.  Each session is tailored to your needs and goals for your time here.  We have flexibility to ride different mountains here in Hokkaido so over a course of a few days not only can we develop your riding but explore various areas so each day feels like an adventure.  
These sessions are anything but generic, we are not here to teach at you but to coach you in your goals.  Once you are able to turn on a snowboard you really do open up where you can go.  Sessions might be focused on some of the following however please let us know what you want to get out of the sessions:
  • Picking a snowboard line
  • Intro to park
  • Tactics in trees
  • How to ride with rhythm and flow
  • Spinning and buttering
  • How to build speed and manage it
  • Overcome fear of the steeps or flats
  • Keep up with your mates.
As you can tell the sessions are not boring but designed to keep the stoke in your riding whilst we build new skills and maintain a state of flow in your movements.

Niseko United and Moiwa
  • 6 hours (including 1 hour lunch)
  • Door-to-door collection and drop off to your accommodation
  • Maximum 4 people
  • Must conclude by 4.30pm 
Kiroro and Rusutsu
  • 7-9 hours (included lunch break)
  • Door-to-door collection and drop off to your accommodation
  • Maximum 4 people

Cost: ¥64,000*

Cost: ¥70,000*
Peak Periods:
+10% during holiday periods (December 20th – January 5th and January 20th – February 2nd)
*Price is inclusive of 10% consumption tax
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