The art of the carve turn has made a resurgence in the past few years and board companies have followed suit bringing us all manner of shapes to ride.  This 4 day camp is designed for those advanced riders who are looking to shred everything the mountain has to offer. With a focus on the art of turning, exploring how we surf, carve and slice out own lines all defining our own style on the mountain.  
Whether you are riding a freestyle/freeride board or the latest swallow tail invention this camp will explore the boundaries.  Understanding how we can create, manage and utilise power to create grip and release this when needed.  Taking the our turning abilities to all types of terrain and rethinking what we would normally do whilst turning down a slope.  This camp is for the creative minds and those that don't see one solution to how you should ride.  
Who is this camp for:
Experienced riders who can already carve.  Speed is not the determining factor here but the ability to make turns with a think line as your track.  
The camp only asks that you come with an open mind and a aptitude to try.  It is less about instructor technique but rather understanding the limits of movements and the effects these have on your board. 
Camp Outline:
  • Camp to take place at Niseko United**
  • 4 Days - 6 hours per day with 1 hour for lunch.
  • Maximum 8 people per camp.

16th - 19th March 2020

 ¥44,000* per person.
*Price is inclusive of 10% consumption tax 
**Dependent on snow conditions.
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