Level 2 & 3 Certification

Snowboard Training Sessions


With experience training instructors towards their cert 2, 3 and trainers in different parts of the world.  Richie is able to provide tailored certification training for those instructors looking to move up in their certifications.  Throughout the season we run various certification training to work around instructor commitments.  Normally there will be training offered at the start of the season prior to the busy period and also prior to examinations.   

Training is more involved at these levels and pass rates reflect that.  This training is designed to maintain your confidence and to give you the ability to perform in the exams as though it were another day in the office.  Nerves affect us all and training allows you to not just understand what is require of the standard but to OWN your demos, teaching progressions and free riding.  

We we use video analysis throughout these training sessions to help you see the progress.  Whilst rider analysis will be continual so that you can learn to understand movements your guests make at higher levels.   Training instructors at these levels requires different approaches and the understanding that everyone is strong in certain areas.  Each training session will be tailored to the needs of the group making sure we cover all required elements for the certification they are training towards. 

Winter season 2019/20 dates and prices: 

Cert 3

Kick Start - 8th-10th December 2019
¥25,000 per person*
Mid Season - 16th-18th January 2020
¥25,000 per person*

Cert 2 

4 day training course:
9th-12th January 2020
¥34,000 per person*
16th-20th February 2020
¥50,000 per person*
*Price is inclusive of 10% consumption tax.



If you are an instructor living in the Niseko region and want to train towards your next certification then this is the one for you.  Weekly evening sessions starting mid-December.  We will be running two nights for those instructors training towards their Level 2 and Level 3 certifications.  

These nights have a maximum of 8 in a group and are on a first come first served basis.  The idea behind these are to provide affordable training for those who work for independent schools and are not able to get relevant training towards their certification.  These sessions are going to be running in the evening to avoid clashes with with work commitments.  We will also run further daytime training that you can access at the start of the season and closer to exam dates to prepare you fully.  These 2 hour sessions are designed to keep you focused and progressing in the right direction towards your next cert.

Winter Season 2019/20 dates:
Training towards Cert 2 - Monday Evenings**
 Training towards Cert 3 - Wednesday Evenings**
8 x 2 hour evening sessions
Max 8 Trainees per group.
*Price is inclusive of 10% consumption tax.
**We will confirm which evenings once we know what interest there is from instructors.  
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